Upkeep Phase

If this is your kingdom’s first turn or your kingdom has been reduced to 0 hexes, skip this phase and proceed to the Improvement Phase. During a kingdom’s Upkeep Phase, take the following actions:

Step 1 – Determine Kingdom Stability: Make a Stability check against your Control DC to determine your kingdom’s level of security for the month. If you make the check, reduce your kingdom’s Unrest by 1 (if your Unrest is at 0, gain 1 BP as a result of surplus goods and services). If you fail this check by 5 or more, increase Unrest by 2.

Step 2 – Pay Consumption: Deduct your kingdom’s Consumption from the kingdom’s Treasury BP. If you aren’t able to pay for the month’s Consumption, your kingdom’s BP drops into negatives. Every time you end an Upkeep Phase with negative BP in your Treasury, your kingdom’s Unrest increases by 2.

Step 3 – Fill Vacant Magic Item Slots: If there are any vacant magic item slots in any cities, randomly roll new items to fill these slots. This step is skipped until your kingdom has magic item slots to fill. (See Building Types)

Step 4 – Unrest: If the kingdom’s Unrest is 11 or higher, it loses one hex chosen by the kingdom’s leaders. Any improvements in that hex (such as farms and roads) are lost and must be rebuilt after the hex is reclaimed. Any developments in that hex become towns that must be annexed if they are to be reclaimed into the kingdom. (See Special Resources.) Finally, if the kingdom employs a Royal Assassin, reduce your total Unrest by 1.

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Upkeep Phase

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