Other River Kingdoms

Numerous other River Kingdoms exist in this region—brief descriptions of these other kingdoms are listed below.

Artume: Plagued by assassinations and treachery, Artume is a kingdom without a king. Only unexpected luck or the aid of a powerful new patron can save this realm from becoming the River Kingdoms’ most recent failure.

Cordelon: Once used by the elves as a staging ground for their return to Golarion after their self-imposed exile preceding Earthfall, this small kingdom has been claimed by a loose-knit tribe of humans.

Heibarr: Disputes over taxation and the destructive influence of the cult of Gyronna reduced Heibarr to its current status—a ruin haunted at night by ghosts.

Hymbria: This woodland kingdom was established by Kyonin as a base of operations for elven interests in the River Kingdoms.

Liberthane: A glimmer of hope and idealism in the cutthroat milieu of the River Kingdoms, Liberthane is ruled by an old revolutionary who hopes, one day, to save his homeland of Galt.

Loric Fells: Currently unsettled, the wildlands of Loric Fells are a gloomy, troll-haunted wilderness of dense forests and rocky canyons.

Mosswater: Established by an exiled merchant from Ustalav and decorated with strange luminescent paints and dyes, Mosswater now lies abandoned thanks to the rampaging of a family of merrows (aquatic ogres).

Nystra: Once a well-established producer of silk from rare silkworms, the kingdom of Nystra now stands eerily empty after a mysterious night of savage ruin brought down by some unknown, shadowy force.

Outsea: Perhaps the most unusual kingdom in the region, Outsea is as large below the waterline as it is above, and is populated by humans above and merfolk and sahuagin below in the briny waters magically transported here from the sea.

Protectorate of the Black Marquis: This realm is ruled by a single despot guided by the principle of “shared” wealth—shared in that any who wish to do business here must share their wealth with the Black Marquis, paying protection money for the privilege.

Riverton: The people of Riverton follow the teachings of Hanspur the Water Rat with a ferocious tenacity.

Scrawny Crossing: All that remains of this realm is an abandoned ferry landing known as Scrawny Crossing—the site is now the lair of an unseen but sinister force.

The Stolen Lands: This large swath of land along the northeastern border serves as a buffer between Brevoy and the River Kingdoms—traditionally the haunt of bandits and monstrous humanoids, the Stolen Lands are regarded as “stolen” by all nations along its border, even though none have ever been able to keep these realms under their control for long.

Touvette: Touvette’s current ruler served the previous king as general. Today, Touvette is a realm where religions are not tolerated and all young men of age are required to serve in the kingdom’s growing army.

Other River Kingdoms

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