Income Phase

During a kingdom’s Income phase, take the following actions:

Step 1 – Deposits: You can add funds to a kingdom’s treasury by donating coins, gems, jewelry, weapons, armor, magic items, and other valuables you find while adventuring. For every full 4,000 gp in value of the deposit, increase your kingdom’s BP by 1. Items that individually cost more than 4,000 gp must be sold as detailed under Step 3 below.

Step 2 – Withdrawals: You can withdraw funds from the kingdom’s treasury, but doing so runs the risk of annoying the citizens. Each time you withdraw funds, the kingdom’s Unrest increases by 1. In addition, you must make a Loyalty check (DC = Control DC + number of BP being withdrawn); a failure causes your kingdom to gain Unrest equal to the total BP withdrawn. Each BP withdrawn in this manner converts into 2,000 gp.

Step 3 – Sell Valuable Items: You can attempt to sell items that cost more than 4,000 gp through your city’s markets to bolster your kingdom’s Treasury. These can be items you recover during an adventure or they can be magic items currently held by your cities. To sell these items, make an Economy check (DC 20 for minor items, DC 35 for moderate items, and DC 50 for major items). A failed check indicates the item doesn’t sell. Success indicates that the item sells and you can increase your kingdom’s treasury by 2 BP for minor items, 6 BP for moderate items, or 12 BP for major items. You can make one Economy check per city district during each Income Phase.

Step 4 – Generate Income: Collect your tax revenue. Make an Economy check against your Control DC. If you’re successful, divide your result by 5 (dropping any fractions) and increase your Treasury’s BP by that amount. Rolling a Natural 1 automatically fails and rolling a Natural 20 is an automatic success.

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Income Phase

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