Improvement Phase

The number of improvements you can make during a single phase is limited by your kingdom’s size. (See Table 2-1 Kingdom Improvements per Month for these limits.) During a kingdom’s Improvement Phase, take the following actions:

Step 1 – Select Leadership: Assign leaders to any vacant leadership roles. Leaders must be PCs or closely allied NPCs. You can change leaders as often as you want. The only impact on your nation’s statistics is the bonuses that apply, as the ability scores of leaders differ. Reallocating roles allows you to give every player a chance to be the ruler or find the role that is best for the character. (See Leadership Roles.)

Step 2 – Settle Hexes: A hex represents an area approximately 375 square miles, and the character’s kingdom must be built hex by hex. To claim a hex, you must explore it and clear it of monsters or dangerous hazards. A newly claimed hex must be adjacent to a hex that is already part of the kingdom — with the exception of the first hex, which can be anywhere. After exploration, claim the hex as part of the kingdom by spending 1 BP. Increase your kingdom’s size (and thus its Consumption) by 1 for each hex you claim. You can claim a number of hexes per month based on kingdom size as listed in Table 2-1. During this step, you also abandon a hex to reduce your kingdom’s Size. Doing so increases Unrest by 1 (or by 4, if the abandoned hex contains a city).


Step 3 – Establish and Improve Cities: Prepare land and purchase new buildings for your kingdom’s cities. You can prepare land for new cities or city districts and build new buildings based on your kingdom Size as referenced in Table 2-1 in the Cities/Districts and Buildings Columns respectively. (See Building Types for all available options.) The building’s adjustments to your nation apply immediately. You can also destroy buildings at this time in order to clear a space to build something new. If you destroy a building, don’t forget to remove its benefits from your kingdom’s statistics!

Step 4 – Build Roads: Roads have an immediate initial cost but over the long term can reward the investor handsomely. It costs 1 BP to build a road through a hex. This cost increases to 2 BP in forests and to 4 BP in swamps and mountains. If the road crosses a river, a bridge must be built. This doubles the road’s cost. The cost is halved (minimum 1 BP) if the hex contains an existing worn path or game trail. The maximum number of roads you can build per month is limited by the kingdom’s Size as listed in Table 2-1.

Step 5 – Develop Open Spaces: You can develop any hex you claimed that does not contain a city. The hex being developed must contain a road. (See Develop Open Spaces for details.)

Step 6 – Edicts: Pick or adjust your edict levels as you wish. (See Edicts for details.)

On to Income Phase

Improvement Phase

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