Develop Open Spaces

While the majority of a kingdom’s development is focused on cities, a ruler may also find it valuable to build throughout the countryside. Land development provides a strong presence of the crown and promotes security for the more remote regions. Each development built in a single month counts against the Open Spaces limit. (See the Open Space column in Table 2-1.) Unless it is otherwise stated, the development must be the only thing in the hex. Hexes containing cities cannot possess an open space development.

Apiary (6 BP): A beekeeper and hive system to make honey and pollinate the local farms. This can be built in the same hex as a farm. Economy +1, Loyalty +1. Reduces Consumption by an additional 1 BP if in the same hex as a farm.

Aqueduct (3 BP): Wood or stone structure providing freshwater to farms and cities away from rivers and lakes. This building can be in the same hex as any other development. Unrest –1; cities connected to a river via an aqueduct receive a +2 bonus to Stability against Plague events.

Camp (8 BP): A home base for workers gathering natural resources in the area-such as logging in a forest, fishing at a lake, or clay in a swamp. Economy +1, Stability +1. This is doubled if the hex contains a “resource” like rare lumber, herbs, or fish: Economy +2, Stability +2.

Farms (2 BP in grassland hexes, 4 BP in hill hexes): Grow produce for the people of your kingdom. Farms can only be built in grassland and hill hexes. Reduce Consumption by 2 BP.

Fort (12 BP, cost is halved if built over an existing Lair or Cave): A small protected structure for country folk to retreat to in times of emergency. If later incorporated into a city, it counts as a watchtower. It can be in a hex with any other open space development. Stability +1, Unrest –1. If the hex is attacked, Defense +2.

Herbal Cultivar (15 BP): Some herbs cannot be moved from where they grow naturally. In this case, the herbalist must live near the rare herb. Economy +2, Loyalty +1, Stability +1.

Mine (6 BP): A series of tunnels following the load vane (salt, gems, metal, mineral), It may also contain a miners camp, dump sites for the excess rock and a small refinery to make the ore or metal easier to transport. This development can only be built in hill and mountain hexes. Economy +1, Stability +1. This is doubled if the hex contains a resource like gold or iron ore; Economy +2, Stability +2.

Reservoir (6 BP): You declare a natural lake or other body of water in a hex to be a kingdom’s water source and order its protection. An aqueduct can be built from the reservoir. Loyalty +1, Unrest –1.

Royal Reserve (10 BP): An area of land set aside by the ruler preventing hunting by all but those invited by the ruler. This nature preserve can be used for food during poor growing season, a royal vacation spot, or a private warden training ground. Stability +2, Reduce Consumption by 1 BP.

Signal Tower (4 BP): Tall structure bearing a bright fire, alerting the kingdom of an emergency. It can be in the same hex as other developments. It cannot be built in a forest +1 Stability.

Winery (10 BP in grassland hexes, 8 BP in hill hexes): A vineyard, processing and storage area. Wineries help to improve the nation’s morale by keeping the people in spirits and limits the need to import. Loyalty +1, Unrest –1. Reduce Consumption by 1 BP.

Develop Open Spaces

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