Castle Additions

No two castles are identical. Most rulers prefer to customize their home for prestige or safety to their heart’s content. The following are a number of additions a castle may possess with their costs and benefits. Each castle addition counts against the building limit in Step 3 of the Improvement Phase.

Anti-Scrying Room (24 BP; academy must be in the city): A single room is protected by powerful magic making scrying and similar forms of detection into this room difficult. All Will saves to resist scrying attempts gain a +10 enchantment bonus in this room.

Art Collection (6 BP; exotic craftsmen must be in the city): The halls and gardens of the castle display magnificent works of art from your people. Leaders gain a +4 equipment bonus to all Bluff and Diplomacy checks with foreign nobility when in the castle.

Crenellated Wall (6 BP): Battlements along the castle’s outer wall, giving archers and other ranged defenders cover. Defense +1 during the Ranged Phase.

Garden (6 BP; 1 × 1 city block, must be adjacent to the castle): A place to cultivate beautiful plants, trees and vistas. Leaders gains a +4 equipment bonus to all Bluff and Diplomacy checks with citizens of the kingdom when in the castle.

Moat (28 BP; Castle + Moat require 3 × 3 city blocks; no other additions requiring city blocks can be made to the castle; must be in a city district that borders water): Water surrounding the castle makes attacking the castle more difficult. Stability +2, Defense +6 (unless attacking army possesses the Ships resource or Mobility Advantage special ability).

Murder Holes (6 BP): A series of holes above the castle’s entrances allowing for boiling oil to be dumped onto attackers. Defense +1 during the Melee Phase.

Torture Chamber (6 BP; smith must be in the city): A room used to extract information out of prisoners. Leaders gain a +6 equipment bonus to Bluff and Intimidate checks to any prisoners. All tortured prisoners are considered hostile.

Wards (10 BP; must choose a creature type from the Favored Enemy list; maximum 1 per creature type): Magic protects a single entrance to the castle that hinders certain creatures from entering. Repels all creatures of the designated type that fail a DC 25 Will Save; such creatures need to make the save upon entering. Defense +2 against Melee attacks from armies of designated type.

Castle Additions

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