Leadership Roles

Once your party begins building a nation in Kingmaker, each PC can take on the role of a leader in that nation. As a leader, you’ll be able to apply one of your character’s ability score modifiers to the kingdom’s Economy, Loyalty, or Stability, increasing the kingdom’s statistics and helping its chances for success. Most leadership roles allow you to choose one of two ability scores to apply, so if you’re particularly interested in having your character play a specific role among the kingdom’s leadership, consider focusing on an appropriate ability score. The 11 leadership roles and their associated ability scores are listed below.

In order for a Leadership role to grant its bonus, the character in that particular role must spend at least 1 week per month engaged in various leadership duties (during which time the PCs must be located within a hex that is part of their kingdom). For this campaign, it’s best to have the party pick the same week to dedicate to their administrative duties so that all of the PCs are all available for “adventuring duty” at the same time. A single character can only occupy one leadership role at a time.

Ruler: Charisma
Councilor: Wisdom or Charisma
General: Strength or Charisma
Grand Diplomat: Intelligence or Charisma
High Priest: Wisdom or Charisma
Magister: Intelligence or Charisma
Marshal: Dexterity or Wisdom
Royal Assassin: Strength or Dexterity
Spymaster: Dexterity or Intelligence
Treasurer: Intelligence or Wisdom
Warden: Strength or Constitution

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Leadership Roles

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