Edicts (promotions, taxes, and festivals) increase your kingdom’s Stability, Economy, and Loyalty scores. Some buildings, such an Arena, halve the Consumption from edicts. If multiple buildings are built in a kingdom, this Consumption is not halved again. This is a one time bonus.

Taxes are payments gathered from a kingdom’s citizens to help pay for roads, buildings, festivals, and other types of Consumption. Select a Taxation Level and adjust Economy and Loyalty accordingly.

Promotions are how you make your citizens feel good about living in your kingdom. Promotions may comprise hiring minstrels to wander among your cities and sing songs that make your people happy, allowing entertainers to perform in local markets, propaganda campaigns and religious missionaries. Select a Taxation Level and adjust Stability and Consumption accordingly.

Festivals are activities that help the people of your kingdom to become more devoted to their nation. These range from carnivals and parades to high profile public executions and ceremonies to rewarding notable citizens. Festivals per year listed in Table are the number of major festivals your kingdom enacts each year. The monthly BP paid helps to spread the cost of the major festivals over en entire year and sponsors additional smaller festivals, which is reflected in monthly Loyalty and Consumption.


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