Tag: Human


  • Grimnar

    Grimnar son of Svalk was hired in the town of Kalsgard, his home in the land of the Lonnorm kings, by the mercenary band Eradan’s Fist. Lured away with the promise of adventure and wealth he soon found that the life promised was buried far under a pile of …

  • Ferin Ormond

    Ferin Ormond was born in a small fishing village on the southeast shore of Lake Reykal to Anlow and Brey Ormond. Anlow was a fisherman and Brey raised Ferrn and his two little sisters, Sadi and Beril. When Ferrin was 10 his father went out for a day of …

  • Kesten Garess

    _Garess:_ Your family’s long association with the dwarves of the Golushkin Mountains has left its mark. You ignore the movement penalty for the first 5 feet of rocky difficult terrain you move through per round. This applies only to terrain made difficult …

  • Mayumi

    Mayumi is approached by a 12 year old boy, William Prevost, who wants to be taught the FFW. She agrees.